100% Vegan skincare free from parabens, perfumes & microplastic.

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Elisabeth’s products are all plant-based and absolutely wonderful 💕 Complemented with her amazing treatments that I can highly recommend, she has made it optimal for my skin 💕
Lone Laudrup
To me beauty is all about taking really good care of the skin. All the time. And to do so, I know of no one as skilled as Elisabeth. This goes for her facials as well as her efficient and thoughtfully developed products without parabens. So, without a doubt, both me and my skin is always thrilled to consult Elisabeth Gierus.
Ann Lind Andersen
-Go' morgen Danmark/Go' aften Danmark, TV2 Nordisk Film TV
I got a Customised Day Cream for my birthday and filled in an extensive questionnaire about my skin, my needs and expectations to a day cream. Both its scent, texture and the feeling I had when applying it proved to me, why Elisabeth Gierus is doing what she does. It was truly made to fit my skin.
Søs Fenger
- Danish singer, guitarist and song writer
Thanks a million for the fantastic products – they are truly fabulous! 😉
Louise Bøje Oxving
-Comwell Hotel Kongebrogaarden
I’m definitely the most disloyal consumer of beauty products. But my I always have my face cream made by Elisabeth Gierus. It is fantastic!
Ibi Støving Makienok
-TV-host, writer, actress

Elisabeth Gierus – A sincere enthusiast

By journalist Anneline Højrup 

According to Elisabeth Gierus life sometime presents unexpected challenges and it is about using them positively. To her, a skin cancer diagnosis was the beginning of Elisabeth Gierus Skincare.

The woman behind has not only fought to achieve her goals, but also succeeded in turning the bumps in the road into something positive.

Sometimes you experience things that pushes you in a new and unexpected direction, but it often turns out to that it’s for the better, says Elisabeth Gierus. As a teen, she was devoted to fashion and design and worked hard to secure a job as an office assistant with the Danish fur company Birger Christensen. But an appointment with a cosmetologist, whom she consulted to help her with her skin problems and acne, paved the way for her interest in the industry she today loves and is devoted to.

I felt so excited after every facial, I had. Such a positive energy that emerges when a treatment or a product is truly efficient, and I wanted to be part of creating that sort of energy, says Elisabeth Gierus, who decided to train to become a cosmetologist and makeup artist.

Shortly after her exam in 1994, she was signed by a modelling agency in Copenhagen. A few years after she left for the USA for further her education and to work for the Sunset Gower Film Studio in Hollywood. After returning to Denmark, she invested all her savings and opened her beauty clinic in her own name.

I’ve always worked hard and have been engaged in many projects. But things that made me happy has always been my goal, says Elisabeth Gierus.

Skin cancer became a turning point

In 2005, while she was pregnant, Elisabeth Gierus was diagnosed with skin cancer in her face.

It was not only chock but a wakeup call because she, as an experienced cosmetologist, was an expert in how you treat and nurture you skin.

Before my diagnosis I had no interest in organic and natural ingredients. I was trained and specialised in using artificial ingredients and had never given it much thought that it might be harmful. But the skin is absorbing 80 percent of what we apply, and I think that artificial ingredients disturb the body’s cells and hormones. We simply have to little knowledge about the side effects of ingredients which can’t be naturally decomposed, says Elisabeth Gierus, who, as a consequence of her diagnosis decided to get rid of all products containing artificial ingredients. Both at home and in her beauty clinic.

When I do something, I do it wholeheartedly, she explains. At this point in time her curiosity for natural ingredients started.

I had been working with skin care products for years without knowing how to manufacture them. For a year she attended courses, talked to chemists and read about how to combine ingredients in order to make purely natural skin products that still provides results. Her first cream, based on coconut, chocolate, peppermint, lemongrass and rosemary, was developed at her dining table and today everything in Elisabeth Gierus’ products can be decomposed in nature.

“I find my area of work very exciting, not at least because of what the latest research is showing and that ingredients known for thousands of years, go hand in hand. For example, pomegranate extract has shown to have effects similar to Botox, she excitedly explains.

Develop all products herself

In May 2007 Elisabeth Gierus Skincare became a reality – an organic skincare range, today consisting of 43 products that are based on nature’s purest and healthiest ingredients.

I believe that beauty should be healthy and that it is important to find a balance with nature, concludes Elisabeth Gierus, who finds inspiration, not only in nature but also in fashion and design.

I’m born into a very creative family. My father was an artist, my grandmother a ballet dancer who also made customs for the Royal Danish Ballet. Creativity is an important driver, and as a consequence I engage in everything from the design of the logo to jars and packaging, says Elisabeth Gierus, who at the same time manifested her creativity in developing innovative skincare products.

‘I said to myself. If you can get tailormade clothes, you should be able to get tailormade day cream, which lead me to develop my Customised Day Cream – Denmark’s first ever personalised day cream, mixed to fit the needs of a specific person’, she explains. And continues:

‘To me, continuously developing new products and solutions that can make a difference and make people happy is a significant driving force, she underlines returning to the core of her mission: To bring joy.

Highly recommended ❤️ Today I had my first, but definitely not last, facial from Elisabeth. My skin is clean and soft as a baby. I’m a true fan of the natural and organic products Elisabeth uses and I’m already looking forward to my next relaxing treatment.
Line Brems
I suffer from atopic toxic eczema. As a result, my skin can hardly handle water and is sensitive to both weather and temperatures. I started using your skincare products and now the skin in my face is totally relaxed. It might be hard for others to understand, but to my skin it was relieving to find products based on natural oils and ingredients. There are no artificial ingredients, no pain and no sense of acid on my skin.
Maj-Britt Eriksson
I’ve used Elisabeth Gierus’s products for a month now and I must admit, that I’m truly impressed. My skin is so moist, glowing and ready for the harsh winter season. I’m very careful with what I apply to my skin, and what I eat, and I’m especially avoiding parabens, chemicals, etc., which is why I love that all Elisabeth Gierus’s fantastic products that are made from Danish, organic and natural ingredients. My beloved boyfriend is also a fan already.
Helena Hauser
-Topmodel, Miss Danmark 2016
Beautician and
beauty clinic

Elisabeth Gierus Skincare

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