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Hair & Scalp Serum 30ml.


Hair & Scalp Serum is made from a unique blend of organic fatty acids that has been through a special process using oxygen and hydrogen. It helps to repair the surface of the hair and maintain the moisture. It creates a barrier on the surface of the hair, which reduces the loss of moisture. In addition to working wonders on dry hair, it also works as a great scalp product that fights dry skin on the scalp.

(One of the organic ingredients used in the blend of our hair serum is know as an old house remedy: a wonder drug to increase hair growth and counteract hair loss. However, there is no scientific evidence for this effect.)



Transform your hair and scalp with our Hair & Scalp Serum, a sensational blend of organic fatty acids treated using a unique oxygen and hydrogen process. Experience its magical touch as it repairs hair surface and locks in precious moisture, creating a protective shield against dehydration. Say goodbye to dryness and embrace the benefits of our scalp-friendly formula, combating flakiness and dry skin.

Among the organic ingredients lies an ancient house remedy renowned for stimulating hair growth and fighting hair loss, though scientific evidence remains limited. This serum not only safeguards your hair from external elements but also brings out the radiance of your hair color without any discoloration for blondes. Suitable for all hair colors and types, it’s a savior for those with dry hair and scalp concerns.

To apply, dispense 2-5 drops, adjusting according to hair length and thickness. Rub the serum in your palms and gently distribute it throughout your hair and tips. For scalp nourishment, utilize 1-3 drops and massage delicately into your scalp. Wait until your hair is nearly dry after washing before application. Embrace the revitalizing effects of our Hair & Scalp Serum, adding a touch of magic to your hair care routine! 🌿✨



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