100% Vegan skincare free from parabens, perfumes & microplastic.

Customized Signature Facial by Elisabeth Gierus



Elisabeth Gierus has developed and refined an individual tailor-made face treatment for the individual person and skin type. With her 22 years of experience, she has worked with many different skin types and skin care products, which she has gained a great deal of knowledge about. Depending on how your skin condition is, you get exactly the treatment that is tailored for you. The treatment can consist of a combination of deep cleansing, lifting massage, relaxation pressure with warm or cold gaskets, special ampoules with vitamins A, C and E, collagen and AHA fruit acids. The skin absorbs up to 80% of everything we put on it. Therefore, your skin is treated with only the best and cleanest organic raw materials with skin care products, which Elisabeth Gierus herself has developed from the treasury of nature.

Duration of treatment: 90min


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