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ANTI-STRESS face massage can delay aging

ANTI-STRESS face massage can delay aging by stimulating the blood circulation and improving facial movement.

The face has a large amount of free nerve endings, which is why a facial massage can be very impactful in the same way the rest of the body is.  You can see a clear effect and your skin will appear younger and more relaxed.

The face muscles are – opposite to the muscles in the rest of the body – attached directly to the skin which influences our looks directly. This is also the reason why your mood is mirrored in your face. Stress and tensions can contract your face muscles, leaving a hard and angry look. That is an issue where a face massage will reduce the tensions and provide the face with a friendlier and gentler look. On the other hand, the aging process can weaken the muscles in your face leaving it with thin lines around the mouth, the eyes and in the forehead.

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