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Avoid Chapped Lips


There is no time of year where you can completely avoid chapped and dry lips. Cold weather and dry heat damage your lips in the winter, while sun, salty water and warm weather are just as damaging during the summer months.

What can you do?

With a bit of preventive maintenance, with an quality organic lip-balm it is easy to avoid dry and chapped lips all year round.

What prevents chapping?

The lips don’t have a chance again external influences, certain lifestyle factors and – last but not least – neglect. Firstly, you should avoid licking your lips when they feel dry, even though it seem the most natural of things to do. It simply dries them out further! If you always keep a lip-balm at the ready, you’ll avoid the temptation to go around licking your lips.

If your lips are flaking

If the skin of your lips is already at a point where it stars to peel, you can carefully rub off the dead flakes of skin so that lip-balm can work efficiently on the skin underneath. Use a wash cloth to do this in shower when your skin has already been softened by warm water.

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